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A show dedicated to the local sports community.

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Biography of Steve MacLean



After growing up on local sports it’s been a treat for Steve to be able to cover the best in local sports for a living. Born and raised in Halifax Steve was once a member of a terrible ball hockey team,  a below average softball team, and if it wasn’t for dribbling, shooting, running and playing defence, he could’ve been a great basketball player. As a 5th or 6th defenceman growing up, Steve understands the team concept. Work with great people who make you look good, and play your role. “The world is your oyster” isn’t true for this guy as he’s allergic to seafood. Aliens do exist!


Steve MacLean at a Glance

Favourite Food: YES

Favourite Band: OLP/Chili Peppers/Aerosmith/ACDC/ Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony

Favourite Movie: Forrest Gump

Favourite Sport: Hockey/Golf

Favourite Off Day Activity: Golfing

Interesting Fact: Has seen a UFO

First Job: I’ll let you know when I get one





Biography of Kris Abbott



Kris was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and raised in the town of Portugal Cove, just north of the capital city - or if he was giving you directions, “turn right coming out of the airport instead of left”

He grew up in a sports environment from day one. Literally, Day ONE. His father, Keith, is a Hall of Fame fast pitch softball player in Newfoundland.  Kris was born at 1:29 PM and once making sure baby and mom Karen were ok, Keith called his brother to bring his uniform to the hospital so he could make the game that night! That’s the kind of family the Abbott’s are. Sport comes first and everything else is secondary. Kris began playing hockey and softball at a young age and went on to represent his province in both sports at an elite level. Once his playing days were over he began coaching both sports and continued coaching for 15 years until broadcasting came calling.

Kris brings a unique blend of knowledge and wit to the broadcast booth. This blend is a product of many years of dressing room banter, bus rides, and Newfoundland culture. Ironically, he never set out to become a Sports Broadcaster as he has a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing from Saint Mary’s University.


Kris Abbott at a Glance

Favourite Food: Taquitos with extra sour cream

Favourite Band:  The Tragically Hip

Favourite Movie: The Wedding Singer

Favourite Sport: Hockey & Fast Pitch Softball

Favourite Off Day Activity: Pub & Irish Tunes

Interesting Fact: Has never drank coffee

First Job: Pizza Cook


Biography of Mavs Gillis


Mavs Gillis is the Cape Breton representation on the Eastlink TV Sports team and he is the first one to let you know about it.

His sports background began when he confused static on the TV as a football game “It all looks like it’s crashing into each other”

He began crashing into people later in life on the football field, rugby field, the rink (both hockey and curling), in swimming pools, on judo mats, and even on a pool table. We’re thankful he hasn’t crashed into anything in a car yet.  

After getting to UCCB/CBU he picked up a mic and hasn’t put it down since. Now in his 3 year on air with Eastlink TV he’s been the host for numerous sports events, shows, and stories. Occasionally he fills in at play by play but for the most part he's ending interview wishing athletes from junior high all the way to the pros ‘best of luck the rest of the way' 

He’s now getting recognized as ‘that Eastlink TV guy’ across the Maritimes 



Mavs Gillis at a Glance

Favourite Food: Steak Sandwiches 

Favourite Band: Journey

Favourite Movie: Squanto A Warriors Tale

Favourite Sport: Football and Basketball 

Favourite Off Day Activity: A Halifax Walkabout

Interesting Fact: Has an award named after him at Cape Breton University   

Favourite Broadcasters: Al Trautwig, Mike and the Mad Dog, Scott Ferrall, Howard Stern, Artie Lange 




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Show Producer:
Matt Morris

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