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Billing Support Chat

For assistance or questions about your Wireless cell phone bill.

Sales & Billing Chat

For assistance with purchasing or upgrading your Wireless cell phone, or to make changes to your account.

Technical Support Chat

For technical support assistance with your wireless cell phone.

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Once you register for My Account, we will send you an E-Billing notification each month when your new statement is generated. You will also be able to manage certain aspects of your account on our secure website.

Here are some of the things you can do:
  • Review the details of your account, and services you subscribe to
  • View or print your current statement.
  • You also have access to up to 50 months of previous statements
  • Option to make a onetime payment, or set up pre-authorized billing
  • Check your current balance and payment history
  • Log in to My Account with your Username and Password.
    • Not Registered for My Account? Click here to register with Account number and Postal Code.
  • Once logged in select "My Services"
    • You will see "TV Channel Exchange" listed along with any other services you subscribe to
      • If TV Channel Exchange is not listed ,you will need to contact customer service to confirm you subscribe before you will be able to proceed.
  • Select "Change Services"
    • You will see a current offer list which would include: TV Channel Exchange - Review or Exchange your TV channels
  • Select "TV Channel Exchange - Review or Exchange your TV channels"
    • This will display an alphabetical list of channels, including ones already active on the account with check marks
  • Review the channel list, then Select / Deselect individual channels (replacing 1 for 1)
  • Select "Next"
    • A "Services Summary" screen will display channels removed in red and crossed out, and added channels in alphabetical list.
    • If you selected over 50 channels, then a message will be returned at this point indicating "You have selected more than 50 channels, please remove X", with an option to go back to deselect.
    • If you have selected a channel that is already subscribed to through Personal Picks, then a message would be returned at this point "Duplicate Service Code Error". Review the shopping cart on the right hand side of screen, to see what channel(s) are already on the account as personal picks.
  • Select "Next"
    • You will see your account information including name and address.
  • Confirm order by selecting "My order is correct" box and selecting the "Accept" button
    • You will then see a summary of My Services now active on account, and services ie: channels removed in red and crossed out, account number and order number.
  • The exchanged channels will be deactivated/activated typically within a minute.
You can view up to 50 months of previous statements on our secure network. And because your statements are stored on our network, you can view past statement without taking up valuable storage space on your computer.
Yes. As soon as your statement is generated, you will receive an E-Billing notification email stating that that you can log in to My Account to view it. This saves the time it would take to deliver your statement by mail.
Yes. They are exactly the same. Viewing online also gives you the flexibility to enlarge so you can easily read or save a copy in your own electronic files.
Yes. Your E-Billing statements are in PDF format, and you have the option to print statements if you like. This allows us to help the environment by reducing our paper usage.
No. When you register, we will send you a monthly E-Bill notification when your statement is generated. Although making one-time payments online or using pre-authorized payments are convenient options that we offer, you can continue to pay as you currently do.
No. Registering for My Account and E-Billing are FREE services we are happy to provide to our customers.
Your 16-digit account number is located on the top right section of your statement. If you do not have a statement, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with your account number. 
Yes. You can use any active email address to register.
On the My Account Login page, click on ‘Forgot My Password' or ‘Forgot My Username.’ You will then enter your account number and or be asked to provide your email address. Upon the correct response, the information will be sent to the email address registered to the account.
Yes. My Account provides the ability to manage multiple accounts through a single user profile. The accounts you register will appear automatically, no need for a separate login to view your statements.
Please ensure you are using the correct information. If everything looks okay, please contact us to verify the account number and postal code in our system.
When you click on a link from within My Account, a second web session will open. Your original session will remain open until you log out. When you log out of My Account, all windows associated with your information will close automatically. When you move from one type of billing information window to another, the previous window will close. As well, none of your personal information will be cached.
You will need at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher with 128-bit encryption in order to view this site.
The following choices may be presented when attempting to add Eastlink via Online Banking, the following should help you select the correct option:
    Eastlink Business: Payments For Eastlink Business Account Customer Accounts
    Eastlink Cable Systems: Payments For Internet, TV, Home Phone and/or Home Automation Customer Accounts
    Eastlink Wireless: Payments For Eastlink Wireless Customer Accounts
    Coast Cable- Eastlink: Payments For Coast Cable Customer Accounts
    Delta Cable- Eastlink: Payments For Delta Cable customers
    Yes. Protecting your personal information is very important to us. Your statements are stored on our secure network, and not sent out in an email. Each month, you will receive an E-Billing email stating that your statement has been created and ready for viewing. Using the unique Login ID and password that you’ve already set when you registered for My Account, you will log into the My Account website, where you can view your statements, and account information.