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Billing Support Chat

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Calling Features

Learn about all the great calling features available with your Home Phone service.

At Eastlink, you can choose from a great selection of features to enhance your home phone service.

The 'Full Features Package' included in our bundles consists of:

To check your Voicemail messages when away from home dial your home number and when the greeting begins press * then enter your password. Otherwise:

- For Maritime / Newfoundland Regions - Press *99
- For Ontario / Alberta / British Columbia Regions - Press *98

The following represents the Call Answer menu options:
  • To access your message center Press 1
  • To send a message Press 2
  • To administer your account Press 4
    • To administer mailbox preferences Press 2
      • To administer your PIN Press 1
      • To administer auto login Press 3
      • To administer the amount of information in a message envelope Press 5
      • To select the order in which your messages are played Press 8
      • To return to the previous menu Press *
    • To administer your greetings Press 3
      • To administer primary greetings Press 1
        • To administer your personal greeting Press 1
        • To administer your name Press 2
        • To administer the system greeting Press 5
    • To return to the previous menu Press *
To create a new password or to change your current password:
  • Press 4 on the main menu to administer your account
  • Press 2 to administer mailbox preferences
  • Press 1 to administer your PIN
    • Enter new PIN and Press #
    • To accept Press 1
    • To try again Press 2
To Disable/Enable PIN requirement (from home only):
  • Press 4 on the main menu to administer your account
  • Press 2 to administer mailbox preferences
  • Press 3 to administer auto login
    • To set auto login to on Press 1
    • To set auto login to off Press 2       
To record a personal greeting or modify the standard greeting:
  • Press 4 on the main menu to administer your account
  • Press 3 to administer your greetings
      • To administer primary greetings Press 1
        • Press 1 to listen
        • Press 2 to record
        • Press 3 to activate
        • Press * to return to previous menu
      • Administer name Press 2
        • Press 1 to listen
        • Press 2 to record
        • Press 3 to activate
        • Press * to return to previous menu
      • Administer system greeting Press 3
        • Press 1 to listen
        • Press 3 to activate
        • Press * to return to previous menu​
Call Block is provided automatically and free of charge to Eastlink Home Phone customers. The service allows you to block your name and phone number from appearing on the call display screen of the person you are calling.

To block your name and number from everyone else’s Call Display, press *67 before placing your call.

If you have a non-published number and want to have your number displayed, press *97 (for areas outside of Atlantic Canada press *68) before placing a call.
Call Display will show the name and phone number of the person calling you. This service requires a phone that has a display screen or a separate display unit.

If an incoming call displays "Unknown Name" or "Unknown Number", the caller is in an area that does not support Call Display services, or they have enabled Call Block.

Call Display Names
Eastlink offers you the option to show “Private” for your display name without having to pay for a non-published number.  Your phone number will still be displayed, but your name will show as “‘Private”. To enjoy this feature, please contact us by live chat, email or by calling 1-888-345-1111.
Call Forward will allow you to route incoming calls to another phone number. While Call Forward is on, the phone can still be used to make outgoing calls.

How do you turn on Call Forward?

  • Pick up the receiver and press *72
  • Listen for the dial tone
  • Enter the number to which you want your calls forwarded (Add 1+Area Code For Long Distance - If Applicable)
  • A call will now be made to that number. Your Call Forward feature will be active ONLY if the line is answered (including voicemail).
    Note: If the line is busy hang up and repeat the process until it rings through.

How do you turn it off?

  • Pick up the receiver and press *73
  • Listen for a confirmation tone, then hang up
  • All incoming calls will now ring normally on your phone

Easily reach your last caller - even if you didn't answer their call.

  • Press *69 and a recording will provide you with the caller information
  • You can choose to call the person back by pressing 1

Easily block up to 12 unwanted callers.

To activate or deactivate Call Screen:

  • Lift the receiver
  • Press *60
  • Wait through a 2-3 second delay, and then follow the prompts

NOTE: After you enter the number to be screened, the feature still needs to be activated through the prompts.

  • To screen the last caller, press # when prompted.

NOTE: When someone you have screened calls you, they will hear a message stating “The person you are calling is not accepting your call at this time, please try again later.

You may not be able to screen some calls due to settings on the originating telephone network.

Call Trace allows you to trace obscene or threatening calls.

Call Trace will identify and document the phone number of the last incoming call which saves the information for the authorities, so that you can report nuisance calls to the police. Information about the trace will only be provided to the appropriate law enforcement officials.

To trace a call:

  • Hang up on the caller
  • Pick up the phone and listen for a dial tone
  • Press *57
  • A recorded message will let you know if the call was successfully traced.

You will need to contact the police if you wish to take further action. There is no charge to use this feature.

NOTE: Not all calls can be traced. The police will sometimes require that 4 calls or more be logged through *57 before they will request the phone records.  Also, police may ask for the date and time of each use of Call Trace, so it is recommended to document your use of *57.

How do you answer a waiting call?

  • A special tone will alert you to a waiting call
  • To answer the incoming call, quickly press and release the receiver button ( the hang-up button) on your telephone
  • Your first caller will automatically be put on hold while you answer the second call

NOTE: If your phone has a Link or Flash button, you can use this instead.

How do I alternate between callers?

  • Press and release the receiver button
  • Each conversation will remain private

How do I end either call?

  • Press the link/flash button, or quickly press and release the receiver button

How do I temporarily turn off Call Waiting before calling?

  • Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone
  • Press *70 and listen for a confirmation tone
  • You are now ready to make a call that will not be interrupted by Call Waiting. Call Waiting will automatically resume after you hang up.
  • If you have called a number and the line is busy, hang up, then press *66 and your phone will keep trying the line for up to 30 minutes
  • A special callback ring will alert you when number you are dialing is no longer busy. Note: Some phones will ring normally
  • To cancel your Ring Again request, press *86
Set the number of rings before Call Answer takes a message.
  • Lift the receiver and press *94
  • Listen for the special dial tone (three quick beeps followed by a regular dial tone)
  • Enter the number of rings you want to hear before Call Answer takes a message
  • Listen for the confirmation tone (two quick beeps followed by a dial tone), then hang up

Know who the call is for by the sound of the ring!

Select Ring, sometimes called the 'Teen Line' allows you to add additional phone numbers to your existing phone line.

Each number has its own distinctive ring, indicating which number is being called. Select Ring can also be used for a fax machine.

NOTE: If the main number has the Call Answer, Call Waiting, and Call Display features, all additional numbers using Select Ring will share them.

There are 4 patterns for Ring Tones:

  • Normal ringing (This is what a main line would sound like)
  • 2 long rings
  • 2 short, 1 long Ring
  • 1 short, 1 long, 1 short

Your main number is automatically programmed with normal ringing. When we add select ring numbers (SR#), they are programmed in sequence: the first SR# would be programmed as 2 long; a second SR# as 2 short – 1 long; and a third SR# as short-long-short.

Talk to two people - in two different places - at the same time!

To add the third person

  • Quickly press and release the receiver button (hang up button) to put the current caller on hold
  • When you hear a dial tone, enter the third person's phone number
  • When you are ready to connect the two callers, quickly press and release the receiver button and you will have a three-way call
  • If the third person did not answer or you wish to disconnect them, again press and release the receiver button and you will be reconnected to the person on hold
See who is behind the beep.

Visual Call Waiting works with Call Waiting and Call Display. This service displays the name and number of the incoming caller (if available) when you are on the phone. Users will need a telephone with a compatible display screen to use the service.

Have your voicemail automatically sent to your email address.

Voicemail to Email allows you to:

  • Receive voicemail messages to your email, so you can simply “open the attachment” and play the message
  • Receive immediate email notification when a voicemail message has been left on your home phone
  • Save important voicemail messages on your computer

It’s as simple as calling to subscribe to the feature and providing us with the email address to which you’d like the voicemail messages sent. ($5.95 / month)