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Record, pause, and rewind live TV.

What is a DVR?

Record, pause, rewind, and fast forward programs – including Pay-Per-View movies and events – using the innovative technology of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

The Eastlink DVR is an easy-to-use digital receiver that gives you the ultimate control in watching TV. Instead of recording programming on video cassettes, it records to a hard drive inside the DVR allowing for easier use and flexibility when watching your favorite shows.

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A DVR makes a temporary recording of whatever you're watching. This means that if you're temporarily distracted from your program, even if it's live, you can rewind the part you missed and fast forward up to the live programming. Also, you can pause a live program and restart it when you are ready to start watching it again.

While watching your show you can press record on your remote control, and the program will be recorded from the moment you started watching it, as long as you haven’t changed channels since then.  Once you pause or rewind you can fast forward until you have caught up to live TV.

With just one touch of your remote control you can record current programs or schedule recordings for future programs. All you need to do is select what you want from the program guide and press record - no tapes or extra equipment required.

While watching your program, press the “Record” button on your remote control.

  • On the remote control press the “Guide” button
  • Highlight the program you want to record
  • Press the “Record” button

No problem. With Eastlink’s DVR you can easily record two programs at the same time, or you can record one program while watching another one at the same time.

While watching a show:
  • Press “Record” on the remote to record the program you are watching.
  • Press “Swap” and find the second program you want to record.
  • Highlight the second program you want to record and press “Record”.
From the Guide:
  • Highlight a program you want to record from any listings screen.
  • Press “Record” to set up the first recording.
  • Highlight the second program.
  • Press “Record” to set up the second recording.

Record and save up to 8 episodes of a series when using the series recording function.

Highlight the TV series you want to record and press “Info” to view the overlay screen. Select the Set up a Series Recording icon and specify your preferences from the following options:

  • Only new episodes
  • New and repeats
  • All with duplicates
Save no more than:
  • All
  • 1 episode
  • 2 episodes
  • Up to 7 episodes
Save until:
  • Space is needed
  • I delete

To access advanced setup features like adding minutes to the start and end times or specifying which channels to record, select View all settings under Create a Series Recording.

Record programs on:

  • This channel only
  • All channels

Start recording:

  • On time
  • 1 minute early
  • 2 minutes early
  • 3 minutes early
  • Up to 15 minutes early

Stop recording:

  • On time
  • 1 minute later
  • 5 minutes later
  • 10 minutes later
  • Up to 2 hours later

Your Series Recordings will appear in your My Recordings list with the show title as its label. To access your My Recordings list press the “Menu” button on your remote, then select the “DVR” option.

Multiple recordings of the same show will have the same label and will be listed beginning with the most recent recordings first as default.

To change your view, use the left and right arrow buttons on your remote to View by Date, View by Channel or View by Title.

The SWAP feature lets you switch back and forth between two live channels while giving you full control of both.
  • While you are watching a program, press the SWAP button on your remote.
  • Now you can select a second program by changing channels or using the iGuide.
  • Press SWAP again to switch back and forth between the two programs.

Note: The SWAP button is the key to maintaining control over two programs. If you change channels without using the SWAP button, you will lose the ability to record, pause, rewind and fast forward the program you were watching.

Do you record endless numbers of programs? Are you finding it difficult to manage all of your recordings? Deciding what to keep and what to erase is always a difficult decision – but now you don’t have to decide.

DVR Expander functionality gives you all the added storage you need. Simply buy an external hard drive and hook it up to your Eastlink DVR. Best of all, this functionality is available to you at no additional monthly charge.

In order to function properly, the external hard drive must have the following specifications:

  • Must be an "eSATA" hard drive - it cannot be firewire, or USB 2.0
  • Minimum 16 MB buffer and 7200 RPM
  • It must have an "eSATA" cable, not firewire, or USB 2.0

Please note: Eastlink does not sell external hard drives. You can purchase an eSATA drive at many popular electronics retailers.

OK – I’ve got my external hard drive. How do I set it up?

  • Turn off your DVR.
  • Use the eSATA cable that came with your external hard drive to plug into the eSATA port on the back of your Eastlink DVR – a flat opening labeled eSATA.  On most receivers, it is under the HDMI port.
  • Once the hard drive is plugged into the DVR, turn on the receiver.
  • Using your remote control, follow the prompt from the iGuide to format the external hard drive.

Whole Home DVR allows you to access your recorded shows from any other receivers in your home. The DVR can record two programs simultaneously, play a third recorded show, while up to three secondary receivers play other recordings at the same time.

Make sure that you fully record the entire sporting event by extending the length of the recording past the scheduled end time. This will ensure overtime or late games are fully recorded.

To set your DVR to record an extended period of time after the program's scheduled end time:

  • Select the program from the iGuide
  • Select the record button (button with a red circle) on the TV screen
  • Select Modify recording options for this program
  • Set End time to up to 2 hours late
  • Select Record with these options
  • Series Recordings: Up to 7 episodes will be saved when using the Series Recordings function.
  • Digital TV Shows: 90 hours
  • High Definition TV Shows: Up to 12-20 hours. This is not exact because the type of HD programming you record can impact the storage requirements. For example, sports programming or action films will take up more storage than a talk show.

You can purchase an eSATA hard drive at most electronics retailers.

DVR Expander is available with the following DVR models: DCX 3400, DCT 6412, and DCT 6416.

At this point eSATA hard drives are the only ones that work with Eastlink DVR's.

Once the external hard drive is formatted, it is only compatible with that DVR.  If the hard drive is connected to a different DVR, it will re-format itself for that DVR. Re-formatting erases any programs stored on the drive.

If you are subscribed to Eastlink Whole Home DVR, and have an external hard drive attached, any secondary receivers in your home linked to the DVR can view the programs stored on the hard drive.

A 1 TB hard drive can hold approximately 200 hours of HD 1080i video content.

Your programs will be stored on your eSATA external hard drive. Once the hard drive is full, programs will then start being stored on your Eastlink DVR.

The DVR will turn itself on at the time of the scheduled recording as long as the power cord is plugged in and there is access to electricity.