About Us

Eastlink believes in community, and for close to 40 years, Eastlink Community TV has proudly shared your stories

Eastlink Community TV provides you with a window on your local community that you won’t see anywhere else. Each one of our Eastlink Community TV stations operating in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, Ontario, Alberta, and BC is an active and involved member of its local community, providing timely and relevant programs. Eastlink Community TV trains hundreds of volunteers, who work side by side with professional television producers to bring unique, local programming to your cable viewing choices: issues that matter, sports that count, entertainment that brightens your day and information you can rely on, and all with your involvement.

Every day, Eastlink Community TV's professional staff and dedicated volunteers are on location to provide television coverage of the sporting, cultural, political and human interest that make up the very fabric of our communities. Eastlink Community TV brings local faces, voices, and events to your television.  And the most effective way to bring you a true reflection of the people, places and issues that matter most to you is by involving you in the programming seen on our stations. To this end, Eastlink Community TV invites you to submit ideas for TV shows, whether they be for a new how-to series, a talk show or coverage of an upcoming event in your neighbourhood. It’s easy: simply fill out and send us a Series Proposal Form.

Eastlink Community TV is only available on Eastlink cable, delivering high quality entertainment, information and communication services to our customers across Canada.