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Eastlink Community TV productions showcase our professional quality HD sports coverage; including our popular and exclusive coverage of QMJHL (Halifax Mooseheads, Charlottetown Islanders, and Cape Breton Screaming Eagles), Nova Scotia & PEI High School Sports, Major Midget HockeyMHL, Halifax Hurricanes, and more!

Our high school coverage includes championship games, select regular season match-ups and fun rivalries across a variety of sports including football, soccer, track and field, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, snowboarding, as well as student, coach and school profiles - broadcast in HD and via our streaming platforms (Eastlink Stream and Maestro Streamer). What’s more local than being able to watch teams from high schools in your own hometown! 

Many of these broadcasts are also available via live streaming on Eastlink Stream and in Brilliant High Definition on Eastlink Community TV channel 610.



Your Favourite Local Sports Teams only on Eastlink TV

Eastlink TV is your source for the best in local sports. Catch the big plays and great saves with the Maritimes’ only HD local sports broadcasts.

Please Note: The schedules listed below are subject to change.

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  • Friday, September 21st - 7:00pm
    Cape Breton vs. Charlottetown
  • Friday, September 28th - 7:00pm
    Halifax vs. Cape Breton
  • Saturday, October 6th - 7:00pm
    Gatineau vs. Cape Breton
  • Thursday, October 11th - 7:00pm
    Halifax vs. Charlottetown
  • Friday, October 19th - 7:00pm
    Shawinigan vs. Charlottetown 
  • Friday, October 26th - 7:00pm
    Halifax vs. Cape Breton
  • Saturday, November 3rd - 7:00pm
    Val d'Or vs. Halifax
  • Friday, November 9th - 7:00pm
    Cape Breton vs. Halifax
  • Friday, November 16th - CANCELED
    Saint John vs. Halifax
  • Sunday, November 23rd - 7:00pm - (Courtesy Rogers TV)
  • Charlottetown vs. Acadie-Bathurst
  • Saturday, November 24th - 7:00pm
    Cape Breton vs. Charlottetown
  • Friday, November 30th - 7:00pm
    Acadie-Bathurst vs. Charlottetown
  • Friday, December 7th - 7:00pm
    Acadie-Bathurst vs. Cape Breton
  • Friday, December 14th - 7:00pm
    Moncton vs. Halifax
  • Friday, December 28th - 7:00pm
    Halifax vs. Charlottetown
  • Friday, January 4th - 7:00pm
    Rimouski vs. Halifax
  • Friday, January 11th - 7:00pm
    Halifax vs. Cape Breton
  • Friday, January 18th - 7:00pm
    Acadie-Bathurst vs. Halifax
  • Friday, January 25th - 7:00pm
    Cape Breton vs. Charlottetown
  • Friday, February 1st - 7:00pm
    Sherbrooke vs. Halifax
  • Friday, February 8th - 7:00pm
    Moncton vs. Cape Breton
  • Friday, February 15th - 7:00pm
    Gatineau vs. Halifax 
  • Saturday, February 23rd - 7:00pm
  • Blainville-Boisbriand vs. Charlottetown 
  • Friday, March 1st - 7:00pm
    Saint John vs. Cape Breton
  • Friday, March 8th - 7:00pm
    Charlottetown vs. Cape Breton
  • Friday, March 15th - 7:00pm
    Saint John vs. Halifax
  • Monday, September 10th - 7:00pm
    Auburn vs. Halifax West - Football (Division 1)
  • Wednesday, September 12th - 7:00pm
    Halifax West vs. Citadel - Girls Soccer (Division 1)
  • Monday, September 17th - 7:00pm
    Avon View vs. Millwood - Football (Division 2)
  • Wednesday, September 19th - 7:00pm
    Sackville vs. Sir John A.  - Girls Soccer (Division 1)
  • Monday, September 24th - 7:00pm 
    J.L. Illsley vs. Prince Andrew - Football (Division 1)
  • Wednesday, September 26th - 7:00pm
    Sackville vs. Halifax West  - Girls Soccer (Division 1)
  • Monday, October 1st - 7:00pm
    Citadel vs. C.P. Allen - Football (Division 1)
  • Wednesday, October 3rd - 7:00pm
    Lockview vs. C.P. Allen  - Girls Soccer (Division 1)
  • Sunday, October 7th - 1:00pm
    Sir John A. vs. Citadel - Football - Turkey Bowl (Division 1)
  • Wednesday, October 10th - 7:00pm
    C.P. Allen vs. Sir John A.  - Girls Soccer (Division 1)
  • Monday, October 15th - 7:00pm
    North Kings vs. Sackville - Football (Division 2)
  • Wednesday, October 17th - 7:00pm
    C.P. Allen vs. Millwood  - Girls Soccer playoffs (Division 1)
  • Monday, October 22nd - 7:00pm
    Central Kings vs. Cole Harbour - Football (Division 2)
  • Monday, October 29th - 7:00pm
    C.P. Allen vs. Sir John A.- Football (Division 1)
  • Saturday, November 3rd - 10:00am and 12:00pm
    Consolation and Championship Games NSSAF Girls Soccer Provincial Championship (Division 1)
  • Monday, November 5th - 7:00pm
    Lockview vs. Auburn - Football Playoffs (Division 1)
  • Sunday, November 18th - 1:00pm
    NSSAF Division 1 Football Final - C.P. Allen vs. Citadel
  • Monday, November 26th - 6/8 pm (Girls/Boys)
    Millwood vs. Sackville - Basketball (Division 1)
  • Saturday, December 1st - 2:30 & 4:00 pm
    NSSAF Girls Volleyball Championship - Bronze & Gold Medal Games
  • Monday, December 3rd - 6/8 pm (Girls/Boys)
    Citadel vs. Dartmouth - Basketball (Division 1)
  • Saturday, December 8th - 2:00pm
    Ecole du secondaire du Sommet vs. Ecole du Carrefour - La Coupe Moustache Hockey
  • Monday, December 10th - 6/8 pm (Boys/Girls)
    C.P. Allen vs. Auburn - Basketball (Division 1)
  • Monday, December 17th - 6/8 pm (Boys/Girls)
    Boys: Millwood vs. Cole Harbour, Girls: Carrefour vs. Cole Harbour - Basketball (Division 1)
  • Monday, January 7th - 6/8 pm (Boys/Girls)
    Boys: Sackville vs. Lockview, Girls: Halifax West vs. Lockview - Basketball (Division 1)
  • Monday, January 14th - 6/8 pm (Boys/Girls)
    Boys: Halifax West vs. Prince Andrew, Girls: Sir John A. vs. Prince Andrew - Basketball (Division 1)
  • Monday, January 21st - 6/8 pm (Girls/Boys)
    Girls: C.P. Allen vs. Citadel, Boys: Halifax Grammar vs. Citadel - Basketball (Division 1)
  • Saturday, March 2nd - Time TBD
    NSSAF Girls Basketballball Championship - Bronze & Gold Medal Games
  • Monday, March 4th
    NSSAF Snowboarding Championship 
  • May 31st - June 1st
    NSSAF Track & Field Championships (Division 1)
  • Thursday, November 15th - 7:00pm
    Draw 1
  • Friday, November 16th - 3:30pm
    Draw 3
  • Friday, November 16th - 7:00pm
    Draw 5
  • Saturday, November 17th - 3:30pm
    Draw 8
  • Saturday, November 17th - 9:00pm
    Draw 9
  • Sunday, November 18th - 4:00pm

  • Monday, September 17th - 5:30pm
    Charlottetown Rural vs. Colonel Gray - Girls AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, September 24th - 7:00pm
    Colonel Gray vs. Charlottetown Rural - Boys AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, October 1st - 7:00pm
    Bluefield  vs. Colonel Gray - Girls AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, October 1st - 8:30pm
    Bluefield  vs. Colonel Gray - Boys AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, October 15th - 7:00pm
    Kensington vs. Westisle - Girls AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, October 22nd  - 7:00pm
    Colonel Gray vs. Bluefield   - Girls AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, October 22nd - 8:30pm
    Colonel Gray vs. Bluefield - Girls/Boys AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, October 29th - 7:00pm 
    Bluefield  vs. Three Oaks Girls/Boys AAA Volleyball
  • Monday, October 29th - 8:30pm
    Bluefield  vs. Three Oaks - Boys AAA Volleyball
  • Friday, November 9th - Time TBD
    Girls & Boys AAA Volleyball Championships

  • Saturday, September 15th - 7:00pm
    CB West vs. Valley
  • Sunday, October  21st - 12:00pm
    Dartmouth vs. Pictou County 
  • Wednesday, November 7th - 7:00pm
    CB West vs. CB Tradesmen
  • Wednesday, November 21st -7:00pm
    Halifax vs. Cole Harbour
  • Wednesday, December 5th - 7:00pm
    Valley vs. Halifax
  • Wednesday, December 12th - 7:00pm
    South Shore vs. Halifax
  • Wednesday, December 19th - 7:00pm
    Valley vs. Halifax
  • Wednesday, January 9th - Time TBD
    East Coast IceJam
    - Teams TBD
  • Sunday, January 13th - Time TBD
    East Coast IceJam
    - Gold Medal Game - Teams TBD
  • Saturday, January 19th - 7:00pm
    Dartmouth vs. South Shore
  • Wednesday, January 23rd - 7:00pm
    Dartmouth vs. Cole Harbour

  • Thursday, October 4th - 7:00pm
    South Shore vs. Pictou County
  • Saturday, October 13th - 7:30pm
    South Shore vs. Yarmouth - Courtesy MC Media
  • Thursday, October 18th -7:00pm
    St. Stephen vs. Summerside
  • Thursday, November 1st - 7:00pm
    Summerside vs.  Pictou County
  • Saturday, December 15th - 7:00pm
    Valley vs. Truro
  • Saturday, January 26th - 7:00pm
    Pictou County vs. Amherst
  • Saturday, February 2nd - 7:30pm
    Amherst vs. Yarmouth - Courtesy MC Media
  • Saturday, February 16th - 7:00pm
    South Shore vs. Truro
  • Thursday, February 21st - 7:00pm
    Grand Falls vs. Summerside
  • Saturday, March 9th - 7:00pm
    Amherst vs. Truro
  • Sunday, December 2nd - 2:00pm
    Saint John's vs. Halifax
  • Sunday, December 9th - 2:00pm
    Moncton vs. Halifax
  • Sunday, December 16th - 3:00pm
    Halifax vs. Sudbury
  • Sunday, January 20th - 2:00pm
    Sudbury vs. Halifax
  • Saturday, February 2nd - 7:00pm
    London vs. Halifax
  • Sunday, February 10th - 2:00pm
    Saint John's vs. Halifax
  • Sunday, February 17th - 2:00pm
    Saint John vs. Halifax 
  • Sunday, March 24th - 2:00pm
    Cape Breton vs. Halifax 
  • Saturday, February 10th - 12pm
    Team McPherson vs Team Locke  
  • Saturday, February 17th - 12pm
    Team Blades vs Team Deveaux-Jollimore 
  • Saturday, February 24th - 12pm
    Team Fitzgerald vs Team Gray 
  • Saturday, March 3rd - 6pm
    Team Hiltz vs Team Leonard
  • Saturday, March 17th - 12pm
  • Team McPherson vs Team Gray
  • Saturday, March 24th - 12pm
    Team Smith vs Team Godin
  • Saturday, March 31st - 12pm
    Team Fitzgerald vs Team Leonard
  • Saturday, April 7th - 12pm
    Teams TBD

  • Monday, June 11th - 6:30pm
    Western Halifax FC vs. United DFC - Premier Men
  • Monday, June 18th - 6:30pm
    Halifax Dunbrack vs. Halifax County - Premier Women
  • Monday, June 25th - 6:30pm
    Halifax City vs. Suburban FC - Premier Men
  • Monday, July 9th - 6:30pm
    Halifax City vs. Valley United - Premier Women
  • Monday, July 16th - 6:30pm
    Halifax County vs. Halifax Dunbrack  - U17 Girls AAA
  • Monday, July 23rd - 6:30pm
    Suburban FC vs. United DFC - U17 Boys AAA
  • Monday, August 20th - 6:30pm
    Premier Women's final - Highland FC vs. Halifax Dunbrack
  • Tuesday, August 21st - 6:30pm
    Premier Men's final - Western Halifax vs. Halifax City
  • Sunday, April 15th - 1pm
    U18 / AAA Girls Provincial Championships
    - Bronze Medal Game  
  • Sunday, April 15th - 3pm
    U18 / AAA Girls Provincial Championships - Gold Medal Game 
  • Sunday, July 8th - 2pm
    Eastlink Classic - Girls Gold Medal Game 
  • Sunday, July 8th - 4pm
    Eastlink Classic - Boys Gold Medal Game 

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